IELTS speaking test Amritsar October 2019 - Kohli Star Image School

IELTS speaking test Amritsar October 2019

Part One – Introduction & Interview

[The examiner asks the candidate about him/herself, his/her home, work or studies and other familiar topics.]


Q. Did you enjoy doing art lessons when you were a child? [Why?/Why not?]
Answer: Unfortunately, I never really enjoyed my art lessons when I was a child mainly because I was never really good at “drawing”. Besides, I found those art lessons to be really boring because they continued longer most of the times than their expected length.

Q. Do you ever draw or paint pictures now? [Why?/Why not?]
Answer: No, I don’t really draw or paint any pictures now primarily because I have many other important priorities in life. Besides, I don’t really have, and never really had, the creative mind and the necessary skills to paint or draw anything unless I am drawing something as simple as an “oval” or a “rectangle”.

Q. When was the last time you went to an art gallery or exhibition? [Why?]
Answer: I don’t really often visit any art gallery or exhibition unless I have a very valid reason to do so. But, about a few months ago, I decided to visit an art exhibition because my mother asked me to choose some artworks for her newly renovated room.

Q. What kind of pictures do you like having in your home? [Why?]
Answer: I like having only the pictures of nature and green around us, such as lakes, trees, houses and sky, any other abstract pictures that don’t have any animals and humans in them, primarily because they help me relax and recover from stress when looking at them.


Part 2 – Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card

[The topic for your talk will be written on a card which the examiner will hand you. Read it carefully and then make some brief notes.]

Describe a time when you visited a friend or family member at their workplace.

You should say:

  • whom you visited
  • where this person worked
  • why you visited this person’s workplace

and explain how you felt about visiting this person’s workplace.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Sample Answer:
I met my dad at his office for an important reason a few months ago. It was an amazing experience and this is the first time I went to his new office where he joined 2 years ago. The working environment was nice and adorable. Dad was surprised seeing me there too. I went there from my college and get back to the college again after meeting with him. This cue card task topic is an excellent one and I would love to talk about it. Here are the remaining answers.

Dad worked for a multinational corporation in Nepal while the headquarters of the office was in Malaysia. The company had its wings in some other Asian countries too. It mostly dealt with export and import of varieties of goods including cosmetics and toiletries products. The office was located at a corner of Dharan covering a large space. It accommodated about 30 employees altogether and I found everyone busy with their respective tasks while my dad was in charge of the office.

My academic progress report card needed a signature of dad. Actually, I was not brave enough to get the signature again until it was the last date. I thought to submit it without the guardian’s signature and did so. But finding the card without a signature, my class teacher asked me to have it signed by my dad. So, in the last date of submission, I went to meet him at his office and got the report card signed.

Visiting dad’s office was a memorable experience and I enjoyed spending time there. I loved the way of office arrangement. Everyone was performing their responsibilities in different positions. In a word everything in the office was standard. I liked the office space and inner allocation of staffs. But I was afraid about my dad’s reactions on my result. Luckily he was reserved on the day for his official activities which saved me from his undesirable anger.

Part 3 – Two-way Discussion:

Discussion topics:

Different kinds of workplaces

Q. What things make an office comfortable to work in?
Answer: Our offices are the places where we spend a very significant part of our day, so they have to have comfortable atmosphere such as enough lights, nice temperatures, friendly and relaxing working environments and, of course, clean and hygienic surroundings. Then also, desk with enough space and proper height, proper height-adjustable chairs, and an opportunity to have a personal décor inside would also go a long way to ensure a comfortable office environment. 

Moreover, friendly and helpful coworkers and management make an office we love to work in.

Q.  Why do some people prefer to work outdoors?
Answer: Some people prefer to work outdoors for a number of reasons. But the primary reason for this probably is that it helps them to meet new people and visit new places as if every day is a new day for them as opposed to working in the same place with the same kinds of “boring” environments.  Besides, they also probably like to remain close to the Mother Nature every day, as it would allow them to enjoy the sun, the fresh air and the greens, which just wouldn’t be possible if they are stuck inside their offices for the whole day.

Q. Do you agree that the building people work in is more important than the colleagues they work with?
Answer: No, I don’t agree that the office building is more important than the colleagues we work with mainly because it’s our colleagues that we interact with on a daily basis rather than the building structures. Therefore, if the working environment inside the buildings is not friendly and supportive enough, with a group of great colleagues collaborating with each other, then the chances are that the people will not enjoy working there, no matter how nice and comfortable the building may look and feel.

The importance of work

Q. What would life be like if people didn’t have to work?
Answer: Honestly speaking, it would be just fantastic (it seems so at least from the “sound” of it) if people didn’t have to work except, of course, the problem is that they would have to find a way or two in order to utilize their “unlimited” free times before going completely insane! But, some people would still say that it’s not that bad unless and until, of course, they suddenly find out that they are not getting the necessary things to live their lives because people are not “working” to make them or build them. As a result, one day the world would stand still with nothing really to “hope” for.

Q. Are all jobs of equal importance?
Answer: No, not all jobs are of equal importance because not all jobs involve the same level of challenges. Besides, not all jobs require the same level of skills in order to get things done in a proper manner. Then, again, the effects of all jobs are not also felt immediately. Having said that, however, I also believe that most of the jobs we do are necessary for our society. For example, we all would say how important the job of a medical surgeon really is, since he/she saves lives by operating on seriously ill people, but we never remember to mention that the job of a “knife-maker”, with which a surgeon operates, is necessary and important also. Again we may acknowledge the job of a scientist or an architect as the results of his or her work is visible around us but forget to appreciate how our farmers are working really hard to bring food at our table. They are not equally rewarded as well.

Q. Why do some people become workaholics?
Answer: Some people are workaholics probably because they just love their jobs too much. It is also possible that some people become addicted to their works because their jobs are just too “important” and, as such, it takes a really long period of times to get them done properly. Besides, some people just don’t have a very good and happy social life, with no family or friends to spend time with, and as a result, they just choose to be “workaholics” and spend their times at work.


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