IELTS Speaking Test In Amritsar

IELTS Speaking Part 1

– What is your full name?
– Can I see your ID?
– Where are you from?
– Tell me about the part of your country where you live.

Actually, it is a small town with slightly more than one hundred thousand people. It has a breathtaking view of picturesque landscapes with rolling mountains and greenish lakes. I really love my hometown because it still manages to preserve a whole lot of historical and cultural values that I can find nowhere in my country. At the same time,it’s a bit boring for me to live there, because as a small town, there is not many shopping malls or any other means of entertainment. However, I believe that it has been improving day by day and becoming a potential hotspot due to the increasing number of annual visitors.

– Do you like music?

So far I haven’t met anyone who dislikes listening to music. However, when the workload is too heavy that requires me to stay highly focused, music is a huge distraction. Unlike many people who like listening to instrumental music because it highly benefits for their concentration and study, in my case the music makes me feel instantly sleepy.

Workload (n) the amount of work that person has to do

Distraction (n) something that gets your attention and prevents you from concentrating on something else

– What kind of music do you like?

My music taste varies widely from West to East and from the 90s to modern EDM. But pop music is my all-time favorite. More than half of my playlists are pop songs and I always keep myself updated with the news related to pop music and pop singers.

To keep updated (v) to follow a celebrity by frequently reading news about them

– How much time do you spend listening to music every day?

As I’ve mentioned I prefer working in silence. To put it simply, no music is allowed during my working hours. After a long day at school, I probably want to chill out for like half an hour with music to help me stay energetic so I can get back to work later.

To put it simply (expression) used for saying that you are explaining something in a clear and simple way

Chill out (phrasal verb) to relax

– When do you listen to music?

Well, music is essential to human in the whole world so I’m no exception. I usually listen to cheerful music when I need motivation while sad music is my preference if I’m in a bad mood.

To be no exception (adj)  if someone or something is no exception, they are the same as all others so they can be included in a general statement

To be in a bad/good mood (phrase) sad or happy


IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe a piece of furniture in your home

You should say

  • what it is 
  • where it is
  • what it looks like what it is made of
  • and explain how 0r why you use it


A piece of furniture I use often is a small folding chair which is made of green canvas and because it is a folding chair, I can easily put it away and out of sight when I’m not using it. it’s convenient for me because my room is small and I don’t have space for a lot of furniture. I also don’t like clutter, so by putting the chair away after I use it, my room looks a little tidier. My bedroom is the only one place in the house that I have to myself so I spend a lot of time there either studying or working.

I’m in my last year of university, so I have many writing assignments and individual research to do. I do most of my writing on my laptop so it’s convenient and comfortable to sit in my chair with my computer on my lap either typing or reading or both. As I said the chair is made of canvas and of course the frame is aluminum so it’s lightweight and easy to put away and take out whenever I need it. Surprisingly it is very comfortable for a folding chair, and that was the most important factor for me when I chose it. It was also inexpensive. It’s not a very beautiful piece of furniture, but it has definitely been one of the most practical things I’ve bought in a long time.


IELTS Speaking Part 3

How do people decide what furniture to buy for the home or office? What factors do they consider?

Well, they will consider what kind of furniture is needed. They w ill also look at which room it will go in and how much space they have. The women especially will think about color and style and what design looks best to them. I’d say price is probably the deciding point. They might like something very much, but if it’s too expensive they won’t be able to buy it.

Do people in your country prefer traditional or modem styles of furniture?

That also depends on the people and the families. don’t think there is any set preference. From my experience though, I would say many younger couples prefer modem furniture. I think it goes along with other trends in our country. What I mean is that modern or foreign fashions are often more popular and interesting, especially for young people. Maybe I’m different in this way though because I think many pieces of traditional furniture in our country arc very beautiful. They are also often made better than modern things.

Have there been any recent changes in the kinds of furniture that people in your country use?

Well, as I said a lot of foreign influence has come into our country and this is affecting what people buy, including furniture. A very popular furniture store right now is IKEA, this is a store from Sweden and its style of furniture is a big change from the recent and distant past. I think that if people have the money they may return to the quality of furniture from years gone by. Overall, though, the predominant style of furniture that people use is modern.


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