IELTS Speaking test in Bathinda - October 2018 - Kohli Star Image School

IELTS Speaking test in Bathinda – October 2018

IELTS Speaking Part 1

  • What is your full name?
  • Can I see your ID?
  • Where are you from?
  • Do you work or study?

Is money important to you?

So-so. To be honest, money can help your life. As I know I’m a person who likes traveling abroad, I know I must have a high-paying job to be able to attain this lifestyle. When I have this freedom to have new experiences, I feel a lot happier. So, because of this I’d say money matters to me.

Did you save money when you were young?

As I’ve always dreamt of traveling the world, I used to save money in a piggy-bank! Although these savings never amounted to anything substantial, maybe just some movie tickets or candy, I’m glad I did it as a way to teach myself to save. I’ll never forget how sad I felt when we broke the piggy-bank!

Have you ever given money to the children?

Certainly! Although I don’t have any children of my own yet, I like to slip a 20 dollar bill into birthday cards for my young nieces and nephews. Furthermore, when I’ve traveled, I often buy things from children selling on the streets.

Do you usually wear a watch?

As I’m a very punctual person, yes I do. I like to be able to quickly check my wrist instead of going through the hassle (inconvenience) to check it on my phone. Furthermore, I like the way they look!

What kinds of watches do you like to wear?

High quality yet reasonable prices. I’m not the type of person who likes to have the same watch that everyone and their brother (an expression meaning everyone)has, so I really enjoy when I find unique pieces. With this said, I often go to vintage or thrift shops.

Have you ever received a watch as a gift?

Not since I was a child. I remember my mother gave me a pink, shiny digital watch for my 11th birthday and I was ecstatic about it! I wore it everyday at every moment till I went swimming with it on one day and broke it.


IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe a magazine you enjoy reading

You should say:

  • What it is
  • How often you read it
  • What you learn from it
  • Why you like it

Model Answer

I’m going to tell you about my interest in National Geographic magazine. I’ve loved it ever since I was a child, as I always had wide eyes (to have a curiosity) for the world around me. I used to collect them and even cut out the pictures and make collages and hang them on my walls. Even before I could really understand the gravity of (what something really means; how important it is) what I was reading, I could still feel excited by the feel pictures and have a sense of what was going on. Actually, the photographs in this magazine tell a story without using any words.

Through this magazine, I’ve undoubtedly learned about the world around me, including the people, animals, and environment all around me. Moreover, I’ve seen the heroic stories of people who venture out (travel to) into the unknown to discover the world to discover different worlds. Mostly, I’ve learned that the world is a wide planet with all different types of struggles, joys, and ways of being.

I really like this magazine because they tell raw (painfully true; uncensored) stories and share interesting photography. I enjoy that they cover a range of topics, from environment to history to travel. I like having the whole picture, as it’s important to be educated about all of these things.  Nowadays, I don’t often pick up the paper copy of the magazine, but I follow their Instagram like a hawk (to watch closely). I always look forward to the next story I’ll hear from them! They never cease (never fail to) to leave an impact on me.

IELTS Speaking Part 3

1.  Do you think headlines are important?

For sure, because they are what sell you. I think one must carefully choose a catchy (attention attracting) headline to capture the attention of the readers. If there is a boring headline, people are bound to (likely to) cross out of (exit) the page or put the paper/book down. I think it’s a shame that people tend to judge a book by it’s cover (to judge something by its appearance), but it is something difficult to change. So, advertisers must try as hard as possible to choose just the right way to draw in (captivate) the audience.

2. Which is more important: fashionable or advertising news?

In my opinion, advertising news is more important, as fashion isn’t for everyone (not everyone likes fashion). Advertisements are what generate the economy in the country, so it’s important to emphasize that. I know that advertisements can be a bother, but they also influence people into buying things. Moreover, they are sometimes humorous and enjoyable to see. On the other hand, I think too many fashion ads are a waste of space, although they may inspire people to buy new clothes and fashion accessories, further helping the economy.

3. Do you think the government has the right to censor magazines?

Definitely not. I think it’s our right as human beings to have access to all information, whether it looks good for (supports)  the government or not. I believe we are entitled to freedom, so the government should not infringe upon (not follow or respect that) that. Moreover, I don’t believe that they know what’s better for us. All in all,  I am not a fan of government censorship at all. I cannot see any positives.

4. Do you think everything we read on the magazines is true?

Definitely not. We must always be skeptical (to question before believing) of what we read in magazines or on the internet. Moreover, we have to consider the source to avoid bias (having preference). For example, a vegan magazine may promote ideas that are against meat-eating, while magazines involving recipes for dishes with meat in them may have articles suggesting that eating meat is important for our health. The same goes for political magazines- first you must think about the political ideas of the editor. All in all, I think we can never believe that something is true until we have seen it for ourselves (to see first-hand) or if there is extensive research on that particular topic.


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