IELTS Speaking test in Jalandhar - December 2018 - Kohli Star Image School

IELTS Speaking test in Jalandhar – December 2018


This IELTS speaking test includes questions about:

  • your job
  • punctuality
  • an intelligent person
  • teachers & parents
  • education & children
  • government & education


IELTS Speaking Test Part 1

What is your full name?

My name is ….

Can I see your ID?

Of course, here’s my ID card.

Where are you from?

I’m from Bulgaria

Do you work or study?

I’m working at the moment.

What do you do for a job?

I’m working as an assistant at the university, in the administration department.

Do you like your job? Why?

Sometimes, yes, but it can also be quite boring at times. There are some interesting tasks and I like it best when I’m learning new things. Unfortunately, there are also many repetitive jobs which need to be done and those can be extremely boring, especially if there is a lot of that type of work.

Do you think being punctual is important? Why?

Yes, it’s important especially when other people are depending on you or waiting for you. When people are punctual, things work better, meetings start on time, less time is lost or wasted waiting for people to arrive, and it just makes working life easier. It’s the same with transport I suppose. If everything left or arrived late it would be very difficult to plan anything with any degree of certainty.

Are you always punctual?

Generally, yes, unless there has been an accident or something unforeseen has happened. I’m usually a very organized person.

What would you say or do to people who keep you waiting for an appointment?

I don’t think it’s a good thing, but you never know why they are late unless they specifically explain what happened to you. If it was an appointment for work and it happened again and again with the same person I might feel that the other person isn’t serious or can’t manage their time.

If it’s a personal appointment, I normally don’t worry too much, I can always do something while I wait. Really, I only have a problem with people not being punctual if they always arrive late… then it’s annoying and I would probably ask them to make an effort to be punctual… or try and avoid making appointments with them.


IELTS Speaking Test Part 2

Talk about an intelligent person that you know.

You should say:

  • Where do you know him/her from?
  • What does he/she do?
  • Why do you think he/she is an intelligent person?

I’d like to tell you about one of my professors at the university. She’s a professor of international business studies and I take two classes with her. I first met her about two years ago. It was in my first semester of study. 

I have her as my professor for two classes: marketing and logistics. I think she is intelligent because of the way she can take some topics which might appear to be quite uninteresting and make them fascinating for her students through some of the examples she presents and the activities she asks students to develop in some of the sessions.

She has a way of looking at things and being able to relate them to our everyday lives so that we can understand the impact of key concepts. She is also very analytical and good at explaining things so that everyone understands. 

I think that she’s an excellent teacher, but I think she is also more than just that, her ability to see more than just the obvious… what many of us see… shows that she is able to analyse things in great depth and form her own opinions.

And, that’s why I consider her to be anintelligent person; one of the smartest people I know.

IELTS Speaking Test Part 3

Discussion Questions

What is the difference between the role of a teacher and a parent in the education of children?

Well, primarily, I think parents are more responsible for imparting values and ethics to their children and teachers at school are given the task of equipping children with academic skills. You could also say that parent’s educate more by example, how they do things and react to things whereas teachers teach children how to do things based on a curriculum designed by educational experts, it’s not such a personal experience.

What suggestions would you give to teachers to improve education?

I know when I was at school some of the subjects seemed very uninteresting to us as students. I think maybe teachers need to look at how they relate the subject matter to the real world or the student’s experience of the real world. 

I know they are now using more technology in schools than before and this is a good thing. In general, students have to see that something is relevant, or at least interesting, so if teachers can make it obvious why it’s important to learn something then maybe students will be more interested. 

What is the best way to educate children in your opinion?

Children need to be taught real skills, things which will be relevant in their future life. They need to learn what will be needed by society in the future. Most children seem to learn quicker by doing things than listening to teachers talking about something. 

If children can be involved in a variety of activities that help develop the skills they need then I think they will learn successfully.

How can we help children realise their talents?

The first thing is to identify those talents. That is not an easy thing to do in many cases. It’s then a case of making sure that children receive support and the resources to explore and develop their talent to the fullest. 

Schools need to be able to give children access to equipment, resources or facilities that they may not have in the home environment or that their parents cannot provide.

Does the government provide enough support to education in your view?

They can always provide more… but it’s not the quantity so much as the quality of support they provide. It must be relevant and focused on the key areas of education. 

Also, it should be well planned and provide the best possible resources and facilities for children to grow and develop their academic and life skills. 


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