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Ielts speaking test Moga December 2019

Part 1 – Introduction & Interview:

Q. Where are you from?
A. I am originally from “Biratnagar”, a town located in Morang district in the Koshi Zone of Eastern Nepal. However, for the last couple of years, I have been staying in Kathmandu, which is the capital city of Nepal.

Q. What do you do in your leisure time?
A. Generally speaking, I spend my leisure hours reading books, browsing the internet, enjoying movies and listening to music. Sometimes I hang out with my friends during the weekends and travel to new places.

Q. Do you like music? What types of music do you listen to most often?
A. Yes, I like to listen to music very much and I believe that music is refreshing and stimulating. I often listen to music in my free time, especially at night. I also listen to my favourite music whenever I feel stressed. Usually, I prefer classical music with meaningful lyrics. Contemporary soft rock music is also on my favourite list.

Q. Why do teenagers like rock music?
A. I believe teenagers are attracted to high-pitched music and they like the heavy instruments used in rock music. The rock singers represent the contemporary issues in their music and have a different tone than conventional music and that’s another reason teenagers often prefer rock music.

Q. Which one is better – classical or pop music? Why?
A. Music preference varies from person to person and there is no definitive winner, I believe. While some people mostly prefer classical music, others favour pop music. The choice of music, in my opinion, varies based on geographical location, the type of music we listen to in our childhood, gender, age and educational level as well. I personally prefer classical music over pop music. But as I said, which one is better is solely dependent on a person’s preference for music.

Q. Who is your favourite musician?
A.  My favourite musician is A. R. Rahman, who is basically an Indian musician. He won several prestigious music awards for his tremendous contribution to the music as well as inherent talent in music composition. He has a natural talent for music and has created several popular songs and lyrics. Apart from him, Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Presley, Paul McCartney and John Lennon are a few of my favourite musicians and singers.

Q. Do you listen to foreign music or music of your language?
A.  I like listening to both local and foreign music. I used to listen to Hindi music until I was 16 years old. But now I listen to both English and Hindi music. I have heard a few Spanish songs but I did not understand the lyrics that well as my Spanish is not good enough.

Part 2 – Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card


Describe your favourite politician.

You should say:

  • who is he/she
  • what he/she has done that you can tell others
  • whether you want to be like him/her

and explain why this person is your favourite politician.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1: 
Usually, I don’t like the politicians in our country as many of them take politics as their wealth accumulating source rather than working for the mass people. If I have to pick one to talk about, I would choose Baburam Bhattarai. From him, we, the Nepalese people, have much expectation for the nation’s development. We are often quite helpless in many social and national issues and politicians are there to show us ways. I also have the same optimistic thoughts about Baburam Bhattarai and consider him to be a great leader who works for ordinary people. He came from a small village of Gorkha district and became the prime minister of our country. This was not easy and he had to work hard and earn people’s trust and love for that. 

In today’s scenario of Nepalese politics, he has played a tremendous role to have an optimistic roadmap in front of the Nepalese nation. He is a visionary leader and a good politician. The contribution he has made towards making our country a developed one is something worth mentioning. I would very proudly tell others how he has sacrificed his time and efforts to do the betterment for our nations especially having a progress roadmap and many implementations of it. This is a very competitive era and the globalisation concept has made it mandatory for a nation to have a clear vision to go ahead. This leader did exactly the same. I revere him for his talent, vision and benevolent nature. He is not like other politicians who place money ahead of other important aspects of their responsibilities. 

I don’t like politics, at least the money-making and power-play politics that we have. I don’t have any desire to be a politician. I believe every citizen of a country has many things to contribute to the country and I want to do my best to help the country from my respective field. The main reason I am not interested in politics is that there is too much dirt in our politics and honesty and a sense of responsibility in our country are not the fundamental requirements to be a politician. Rather money, influence and power are the main things someone needs to become a leader. That’s why I would stay far away from active politics. However, this does not mean that I would not be politically aware and informed.  

I admire Baburam Bhattarai for his vision and fair play. He is a rare politician in our country and we need more visionary and honest leaders like him. We really need more honest leaders like him and I believe that someday we will have more honest leaders than corrupted ones and that is the day we young generation dream so dearly.


Sample Answer 2: 
Politics is really a matter of higher intelligence and honesty. Not everyone can be a politician, it requires a special set of skills and expertise. Mr Adrian Baruk is a Finnish legislator and politician. He is my favourite politician for some specific reasons. I will describe his features in brief now. 

Adrian Baruk is from one of the leading political parties in the country. He is a great politician and proudly owns a clean image. In fact, so far he has not got involved in illegal activities. Besides, he leads a simple life. He is mostly famous for his intelligence and sense of judgement. He played some important roles in the government when he was the Minister for defence. In fact, he improved the existing defence mechanism for Finland. Furthermore, he is a devoted political leader and loves his party more than any other thing. He has sacrificed the most important part of his life for his party.      

His party formed government twice in the last two decades. He was one of the most influential leaders. In his first term, he became the minister for trade and commerce, and in his second term, he became the minister of defence. He was successful in both of his terms and gained much popularity. In fact, he became popular even before his party came in government. He ran for the parliament and his electoral campaign brought him fame. He promised some specific things and he really kept his promise when he was in power. By the same time, he loves to lead a very simple life while the other ministers are seen a bit different in this case. They like to have a lavish lifestyle and typically lead their luxurious life which brings their downfall. But Mr Baruk is successful in this matter and entirely different from others.    

Definitely, I want to be like him. He is an honest legislator I have ever seen. He is accessible at any time of the day at his office or at his residence while there are some restrictions on meeting with the other politicians at their office and residences. He is an authentic patriot, took numerous decisions to protect the national interest. Furthermore, he has always proved his love for the nation and his party. He sacrificed his entire life for politics. In his personal life, he is a lawyer but hardly can manage time to practice. Besides, his family members are also considerate. They inspire him to continue his political duties. With the support of people of all strata, he is moving ahead. It would have been hard for him if he was not a man of good nature.   

Mr Baruk is not only my favourite politician, rather he is loved across the country. Most of the people love him as he never took any decision against the people. Often he had the chances to be dishonest but he did not so. As a result, he won the hearts of his people including me. I had the chance to meet him in person for one of my needs and found he was cordial enough and assisted in getting my work done. Later, he made a phone call to me know about the updates. I was amazed by the event that he really cared for me and my task despite being an ordinary citizen of his area. Since then, I am in his favour and he won my heart as well. I really like him much. 


Part 3 – Details Discussion:

Q. How politicians’ help and decisions make the world a better place?
A. Politicians are in the leading roles in a country and their decisions and strategies affect the country and its citizen one way or another. They often prepare roadmaps for the development of the nation and provide directions in important sectors like economy, administration, agriculture, education, industry, trade, infrastructural development and monetary policy. Though not all politicians are honest and dedicated, the world has still got many politicians who sacrifice their lives for the betterment of the nations. They make better policy to run the country, they protest unjust, they sacrifice their personal lives and make the nations prosperous.

Q. What qualities a good leader should have in your opinion? 
A. A good leader or politician should always be honest, visionary and selfless. He/she will think and work for the countrymen and would not be tempted by any personal gain, or influenced by any force or pressure. He/she should have a clear vision and work accordingly and remember that he/she was given the position to serve ordinary citizens not to oppress them. Moreover, a good politician, in my opinion, needs to be a skilled observer, mentor, fearless leader, and guide for others who work around him or her.

Q. In your opinion, what responsibility a good politician has towards his countrymen?
A. Well, a good politician should focus solely on the betterment of the fellow countrymen. Political modernization is a key task for such a leader in a country like Nepal. He or she should be responsible for the good governance and better policy for all. Ensuring public interests should also be their core objectives. The entire political system should be more communicative to extend cooperation among the countrymen. Weak maintenance of the democratic inputs should be rechecked and the politicians should make it stronger. They also should come forward to reduce income inequality, poverty, and improve the livelihood of people and never get involved in political conflicts that are harmful to the country.

Q. Why many young people these days want to stay away from politics?
A. Generally speaking, many young people do not show any interests in getting engaged in politics and a few serious reasons are liable for this matter. To begin with, the existing political system is not up to the mark and the evaluation of political activists is incomplete in most of the cases. Secondly, “talent” and “leadership” are no longer valued in the political system and “money” and “influence” play a big role instead. Moreover, corruptions and power exercise by political leaders have also led to discouraging talented and deserving youths in staying in politics. Since most of the Nepalese youths prefer a peaceful life but politics offer violence and conflicts, they generally stay away from politics.

Q. Do you think the political leaders in your country are doing exactly what people expect from them? Why/ Why not?
A. Umm… This is a controversial issue and to be honest, difficult to answer. Majority of the political leaders in my country are not performing their roles effectively and are not loved by ordinary citizens. Expectations of people from these leaders are high and in most cases, they are not fulfilled. They do not play their legislative and authoritative roles to help maintain peace and accelerate national development. For example, alleviating poverty has always been in election agenda of political parties but in reality, it has hardly been addressed.

I think the whole political system stands on a faulty base and thus honest and talented people do not join political parties. As a result, no visible changes are happening. The corruption and personal greeds for money and power are two other major reasons there is a wide gap between people’s expectations and political leaders’ performance.

Q. Political conflicts often cause harm to people’s life and property. Do you think politicians should be accused of any political instability and conflict and be punished?
A. Of course, political leaders should be accused and punished for political instability and conflicts. Due to the political struggles, valuable lives and properties of mass people come under threat. It mostly happens when political leaders have different views and fail to reach an agreeable solution. Consequently, ordinary people suffer and sometimes serious damages are caused to lives and properties. Considering all the aspects, it is evident that all the matters take place for the negligence and insincerity of political leaders. Hence, there should be penalties against those leaders who are responsible for such political instability and conflicts.


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