July 2019 Recent IELTS writing test question & Band 7 + 8 responses (Air Transport) - Kohli Star Image School

July 2019 Recent IELTS writing test question & Band 7 + 8 responses (Air Transport)

Air transport is increasingly used to export fruits and vegetables to countries where they cannot be grown or are out of season. Some people say this is a good thing while other people think it cannot be justified. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.


The issue of whether exporting fruits and vegetable by means of air transport is conducive to the society is of great concern to the general public. Proponents argue that exporting food benefit consumers in both exporting and importing countries, while the opponents claim that air shipping pose a serious threat to environment. From my perspective, people will become a major beneficiary from such trade if they can develop environmental-friendly fuel for air transport

It is widely believed that using air transport for the purpose of the export of agricultural products to countries where they cannot be grown or out of season can have a beneficial influence on both importing and exporting countries. For importing countries, those agricultural products substantially enrich the diet of local citizens and improve the nutrition structure. A convincing example is that people in Frigid Zone would by no means have access to tropical food without the export of farm produce. Because of the existence of express transport such as air freight, those people are in a position to acquire a more abundant supply of food and vegetable. In terms of international trade, export countries may become a major beneficiary from this situation, because it helps expand the market of farm produce, accelerate the sales of agricultural output and improve the well-being of domestic farmers.
However, it is also manifest that in terms of environmental protection, exporting agricultural products by means of air transportation has its inherent disadvantages. To begin with, it accelerates the depletion of fossil fuel that is non-renewable resources. So far there has not been complete substitution for oil. We should not pursue short-term profit at the expense of the sustainable development. Also, the toxic fumes – such as sulphur dioxide, released from the aircraft are the chief culprit of atmospheric contamination. Consequently, people are unavoidably afflicted with respiratory diseases. Other than toxic gases, greenhouse gazes (i.e. carbon dioxide) worsen the global warming and then potentially induce the change of global climate.

To conclude, I concede that using air transport comes with some undesirable side-effects. Nevertheless, it is rather one-sided to deny the rationality of this phenomenon. People should develop a new, environmental-friendly energy for aircraft so that people can constantly benefit from the export of agricultural products.


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