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Learn About Modern Interview Mode After Covid 19

The outbreak of COVID 19 has devastated many leading economies. The job market witnessed a severe downfall as millions of employees lost their jobs. Still, you need not lose hope cause there are many sectors, where companies are eager to hire newcomers. Healthcare, e-commerce and home delivery services have opened several new job opportunities for the fresher. With the rapid rise in the unemployment rate, you will be facing tough competitions to get your dream job. So, you must be well informed about the modifications in interview procedures. In this article, we will be describing these changes along with the expectations of the companies. So, stay tuned!

What are the newly adopted interview methods by companies?

If you are at the beginning phase of your career, you might be very familiar with face to face interviews. But, the eruption of COVID19 has led to the enactment of lock down. To curtail the contraction of the pandemic, companies are forced to close their workplace. Work from home has become the new slogan to run businesses. In such a critical period, traditional job interviews has been replaced by tech-savvy initiatives. The forefront industries have cancelled all the personal interviews. Most recently, they are conducting online interviews through platforms like Google meet, zoom, skype. You can also expect delays in scheduling of your upcoming interview.

The CEOs of popular brands have stated that, interview through video conferencing is as effective as a real interview. Although, you can’t shake hands but you can precisely judge the candidate’s calibre. According to these diplomats, virtual interviews don’t reduce the actual interview experience. Some companies are managing the interviews through Microsoft Teams which provides the facility to integrate video conferences, chats, file transfer and storage. These digital tools are helping the interviewers to gauge the confidence of candidates from their facial expressions.

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Note some tips before you go for an online interview.

  • Learn about the digital medium- It is very important to know the app where your interview will be taken. You should learn to manage the application beforehand. It can save you from the last-minute rush and technical issues.
  • Check your system for quality audio and video. If there is any issue fix it asap.
  • Choose a lighted and quiet space to appear the interview. Background noise can disturb the interview and leave bad impression.
  • Dress in a formal apparel as if you are going for a physical interview. Refrain from being very casual in front of your potential boss.
  • Prepare in the same way as the face to face interviews. Use effective communication skills and body language to please the interviewer.
  • So, we can conclude that preparation for the interviews have not changed drastically. You just have to be more tech smart.

Challenges for the newcomers

Work from home has thrown many challenges to the newcomers in the job industry. They are actually inexperienced people in remote working. Adjusting with new work load and coping with a new community can be cumbersome for them. To balance out family and work we recommend you to arrange a well-organized workspace in your home. Plan a routine and divide your work timings. Don’t get overwhelmed by the piled-up tasks. Never procrastinate and try to follow discipline in your new work life. The most important thing is to maintain your mental health. You will ace the demands of your profession by employing a balanced lifestyle.

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