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Learn How To Get Study VISA To Any Country You Like

A study visa is mandatory, if you have made plans to get education from another country. It is as important as securing admission in a foreign institute. You can consider it as a ticket to fly overseas. So, to get access to a visa you need to go through certain procedures. The entire process constitutes of filling an application form, showing some valid documents and appearing in an interview. For your convenience in getting the visa, we are sharing some important information to follow. We will also stress a bit on the interview part.

How to start applying?

The procedure of visa approval can take several months. So, it is better to start earlier. Once you have received the letter of acceptance from the foreign institute, you can begin with visa application. The application form can be submitted both in online and offline mode.

Online Application – Visit the authentic website of the embassy of specific shenanigans country. Create your profile and find the link to apply for study visa. It is pretty simple to fill out the online form with genuine information and submit it.

Offline mode- You can submit an offline application by downloading and printing the application form. Then send the form with required documents through post or visit the consulate office of your city.

2 types of student visa

The foreign officials of European Union have categorised the student visa in two on the basis of staying period. If you are going for a short program like diploma or certification in language, then you will be issued a short term visa. This visa has a validity of just 3 months. On the other hand, a long term visa is issued to students for longer courses like bachelor degree, or post graduation.

What are the necessary documents for the application?

Along with the form of application, you will have to upload the following documents –

  1. Passport- The passport is issued by the native country. It is the sole proof of identity and citizenship when you enter a foreign country. So, you have to submit your valid passports during application.
  2. Bonafide student certificate- You can get this certificate from your previous institute of study.
  3. Proof of financial lucidity-

You have to convince the authority that you can manage the expenditures during your foreign stay. Some countries even provide the minimum budget of living.

  1. Competency in English skills- You need to submit IELTS or TOEFL score. The scores prove that you will face no hindrance in communicating in a foreign land.


On the day of interview-

After completing the application formalities, you will be called for interview at the embassy. The diplomats will be taking this interview to assess your worth for getting the visa. They can have a deep, personal discussion to know your real intentions. To get selected between thousands of candidates, you should possess impressive communication skills. You need to have a positive mind-set before facing the most anticipated interview.

Questions you will be asked

  • Study-related questions-

Your interviewer will interrogate thoroughly about your study plans. Because, they want to make sure that you will return home after a fixed tenure. You can tell them your obligations like family, job or property to return back. They may ask about your qualification, marks in last exam to gauge your merit. They will be impressed if you already have a good knowledge on foreign universities.

  • Finance related – The interviewer will need accurate information on your financial status and bank statements. They will want to know your annual income, scholarships and your resources to fund the expenses.
  • Personal relations- You may have to answer some questions regarding your family and marital status. The interviewer wants ti confirm that you are socially healthy and don’t have any criminal links.

How you can prepare for the interview?

The first and foremost thing to excel in the interview is decent spoken English. You can master this language with consistent practice. We will recommend reading books on public speaking, watching English news and enriching vocabulary every day.

The next crucial point is preparing what to say. You should visualize yourself being interviewed and think of the perfect answers. This will help in boosting self confidence.

The third thing is how you present yourself during the interview. Dress up formally. Put on a nice perfume. Walk gracefully with a positive attitude and determination to succeed.

So, we hope you will stick to the above tips and get your student visa!

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