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Narrate a scene where you saw a child behave badly

This can be another question that you might probably get and how do you cover this question. Below are a few points that can walk you through on how to cover this topic in your own words and skills.

What and how could you say to cover this particular question are as follows.

  • Where did the scene happen
  • What the children were actually doing
  • How did the public react to it
  • How you felt when you encountered the scenario

Below are the points that could give you an idea of how you could speak your mind about this topic.

  • Every morning I go for jogging to the nearby park and I usually see a gang of children who play there regularly.
  • These children out there were always accompanied by an adult.
  • Just the day before yesterday, I encountered these children uprooting the plants instead of playing around.
  • There were other bystanders who were least bothered about what was actually happening
  • I looked out to check if there was that adult who usually accompanies them but to my dismay he was absent.
  • By the time I stepped forward to tell what they were doing was incorrect, there was another old man who walked towards them.
  • I thought that he would yell at them for doing this but to my surprise, he was polite and told the children that they were also living things like us but they don’t speak or move but have life in them.
  • He also added that uprooting them is similar to killing them and borrowed the little children’s help to replant those.
  • Watching this scene, the on-lookers pitched in and helped them plant and on my behalf, I help[ed them too.
  • The children understood their mistake and were really helpful in replanting the uprooted plants.
  • The thought for the day from this scenario is that It’s our responsibility as a society to guide and enable them to become a better human being.

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