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Narrate about your long time ambition

If you’re asked to talk about your ambition then you would probably have to talk about:

  • What your ambition is
  • What you did to achieve your ambition
  • When will you be able to achieve it
  • Why you have this ambition                                    

Following is an example of how you could cover this topic.

  • I’ve had a lot of ambitions in my life and there were some that I could achieve and some I couldn’t achieve.
  • I have always felt that the reason behind not achieving my ambition was a lack of motivation so here I want to discuss the ambition that I was really motivated to achieve.
  • So coming to the point, my ambition is to become a fashion blogger and settle in Canada.
  • The thought of getting settled in Canada and becoming a green card holder, it all started when one of my friends went to Canada to pursue her masters and later on settled there.
  • I think with the experiences she shared with me, I’ve eventually created a fantasy about Canada in my mind.
  • She has told me a lot about the quality of life between Canada and India and also about the healthcare and education system.
  • I think that was the main advantage of Canada that attracted me towards it.
  • I also read that the weather there is quite cool and I love it, and the best part is that, even summers are cool.
  • The reason being here and attending my test is because I don’t want to miss even a single opportunity of being there. Though I don’t have motivators from outside, I’m thoroughly self-motivated to attain this ambition.
  • I have tried hard to prepare myself for this I’m confident that I will get through but even if I don’t I’ll never hesitate to give it another shot.

This is how you could talk about your ambition to your examiner. Keep it simple and clear and watch your grammar and vocabulary.


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