September 2019 Latest IELTS Speaking Questions & Suggested Responses

Part 1

In which time do you prefer to work?

Actually, I suppose that for the most part I’d say that I function better in the morning and this due to the fact that I am energized since I’ve had a full rest. Another reason is that, working from a well-rested night would mean better brain operation. I guess, I would assume that being a morning person just goes well with my body clock.

How many hours of sleep do you need?

Well you know, if I had to be honest, I would definitely say that I need as much sleep as I can. I would say this because I seriously consider sleep as pleasure and this is most likely because sleep can fully revitalize my body and mind. Hence, I must say that I need more than just 7-8 hours of sleep, if I had that opportunity to do so.

Do older people need more hours of sleep than younger people?

Well normally, we’d all assume that older people would not need as much sleep as younger people do but there have been researches that state otherwise. To be more precise, older people need the same hours of sleep as younger people do which is 7-9 hours. Unfortunately, older people struggle to sleep at night which is why they take more naps all throughout the day. Unlike, younger people who find it quite easy to fall asleep in the night. In conclusion, I would say that both young and old have just as much need for sleep but just differ on habit and lifestyle.


Part 2

Talk about a season that you prefer in a year.

What is it?

What you do during this season?

Explain why you prefer it over the other seasons?

Well to be honest, I would have to say that this would really depend on the situation to be more specific it would depend on the location. For instance, if you live in the southern part of a country where its warmer then its most likely that you’d prefer the Spring season which is quite honestly a comfortable season. While on the other hand living in the Northern regions could mean colder winters and autumn which is would more likely mean clothing layers just happen all year round.

Continuing to my next point which is about what season I prefer, I would have to say its summer because of the fact that I get that rare chance of wearing just a tshirt and bottoms. Whereas in most seasons, I have to put on a jacket and make sure that it doesn’t get too cold for me.

Drawing attention to what I do during summer season and I would just like to state that summer is personally the best time to do all the outdoor activities. But also, let’s not forget to mention that we should keep ourselves hydrated all the time since the sun’s temperature could be strong enough to make you sick if you stay out too long. Adding to this, summer is I think fun but can be uncomfortable due to the high humidity it usually brings.

As a final point, I prefer summer season over the other seasons because of the fact that I can wear summer dresses, sunnies and literally enjoy the sun. And I would just like to mention that summertime can give us this sun kissed glow which I really think looks good on everyone. And of course, summer allows us to go out and enjoy nature. In summary, I want to say I love summer because it’s a time to see bright colors which I think mean happy times.


Part 3

What is the importance of new developments in a city?

Well I suppose there quite a number of things I can tell why new developments in a city is important and I will start with the reality that when a city develops there’s an obvious increase of employment for the people. In short, progress means more jobs. Another thing I should emphasize is the economic status of a city enhances infrastructure and that will reflect on the people’s lifestyle. So to sum it all up, new developments can be of great impact to the people of the city and it affects all the necessary points of the society.

Why do some people prefer to live in a city?

Speaking for myself, I believe some people prefer to live in a city because its advantageous. To be more precise, the city provides better facilities such as hospitals, schools, work opportunities and better pay. These are all necessities that people feel should be readily available to everyone needing it. I should mention here that to live in the city could possibly give you a much better lifestyle especially if convenience is highly considered.


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