Seven Useful IELTS Tips from Experts in Moga IELTS center
moga ielts center

Seven Useful IELTS Tips from Experts in Moga IELTS center

The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is one of the global standard tests of English language and overall English proficiency at current. In a multi-lingual country such as India, there is no dedicated focus towards mastering the English language but on developing a solid foundation for all native languages. Thus, an Indian national must perform well in the IELTS examination to secure their dream opportunities abroad. The Moga IELTS center of Kohli Star Image School is one of the top dedicated institutes for IELTS exam preparation. Their top-notch quality of education and expert teaching faculty has made achieving a 7.5+ band in the examination a piece of cake. The exponentially increasing of the success rate of students from the IELTS institute in Moga is a testament to the brilliance of the Institute itself. The top educators have come together to put together invaluable nuggets of knowledge, and we have compiled them into these following seven tips, which will be useful for any person who is aspiring to get a high score in the IELTS examination.

Seven Useful Tips from the Moga IELTS center

  • Increase your general English vocabulary

It is the most basic exercise for performing well in an examination focused on the semantics of the English language. The experts at the IELTS institute in Moga suggest that the first step towards enhancing your grasp on the English language is to improve your English vocabulary. It can be done by various methods, as per the student’s convenience. A simple exercise of reading international English newspapers daily can increase your vocabulary manifold. Over a shorter period, reading dictionaries, essays and appropriate study material would also produce the desired outcome.

  • Practice, Practice, and Practice

The maxim of practice makes perfect is quite the tried and tested formula, and hence is universally known to work like a charm. Training is required not only for self-evaluation but also for engraving the words and tips and tricks you have learned in your memory. The faculty at the center for IELTS in Moga suggests that an aspiring candidate should designate one-and-half to two hours of practice every day to essays, meanings, synonyms, and speaking to improve your overall score.

  • Understand the syllabus

One of the critical factors to cracking the IELTS examination is to understand the structure and curriculum of the test. Similar to planning your curriculum during your secondary school, you need to highlight your strong and weak points, and set up a routine for your study.

  • Time management

Time management is a significant issue in the IELTS examination. Each of the sections is timed, and you will not be able to access the articles afterward. You need to practice the different parts of every section while keeping track of the time taken for them. The experts at the center for IELTS Moga suggest that you should time your practice sessions as per the times in the original test, for best results.

  • Increase your typing speed

In India, most of the tests are internet-based tests, and hence you will need to maximize your typing speed to be able to keep up with the time during the writing sections. Simple typing games and exercises are sufficient to enhance your typing speed, and continual practice is always beneficial.

  • Increase your note-taking ability

This skill is essential to your listening section. You need to increase your attention span and take notes on the relevant topics to be awarded a good score in the listening section. Repeated practices

  • Mock tests

Giving mock tests are an excellent method of evaluating your preparation and level of readiness for the examination. Many national and international institutes provide mock exams with accurate assessment protocols. Kohli Star Image Schools’ IELTS institute in Moga also provides excellent mock tests and study material for the IELTS test.


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