Study Visa Consultant in Moga: Know More about Kohli Star Image School
study visa consultant in moga

Study Visa Consultant in Moga: Know More about Kohli Star Image School

A Visa is an essential document for any individual to emigrate from one country to another, and reside there legally without giving up citizenship.  However, a successful Visa application requires the applicant to give a convincing account of their purpose of going abroad. Students have this daunting task of having to sit through a Visa interview to explain their motivation and ambition for going abroad. Thus Kohli Star Image School has set up the service of a Study Visa consultant in Moga, to guide the students and smoothen out the whole process of obtaining a Visa. Their Visa services are a subsidiary of the Kohli foundation and cater toward a consumer –base of numerous people or a wide age range, who are looking to get the opportunity to study abroad. Many opportunities are lost due to improper documentation and breaking of guidelines during the Visa application. Often admissions are delayed, postponed and even canceled in the case of visa rejection. The study visa consultant in Moga are staffed with people who have had previous experience of working with Visa services and embassies. They will be able to clear all your doubts regarding the Visa application process and minimize the risk involved in these crucial interviews. The immigration consultant in Moga hosts several services that are tailored to meet the needs of modern students and people who are seeking employment abroad. In the next section, we will do a deep dive into the features which earmarks Kohli’s study Visa consultant in Moga as one of the frontrunners in its field.

Intensive Visa Counselling

The Visa obtaining procedure is intricate and often it is very tricky to tick all the correct boxes within a short span. The Visa counseling personnel are posted at the main study visa consultant in Moga and their subsidiary immigration consultant at Jagraon and immigration consultant at Faridkot. They will be on their feet at all points to guide the Visa applicants through the mazy procedure. The counseling services would also involve making sure that all the necessary documents are present, fill out all the necessary forms, and be in a tip-top condition such that they can ease through the interview.


Continued support post Visa procurement

Our counselors and associated personnel provide continued to support to adapt to life in foreign countries after getting a Visa. Adapting to life in different countries can be a huge hassle, especially to students who are often fixed to a certain routine. The Visa assistance personnel at the study Visa consultant in Moga are quite involved with enabling students going abroad with all the traditions and living cultures of different countries. Along with that, they also have sessions that train the students on sharing living spaces and the everyday functions they have to carry out to look after themselves.


Financial assistance counselor

The Visa consultant in Faridkot and study visa consultant in Moga have departments dedicated to assisting people with the financial and legal conditions of their Visa application, along with advising them on how to apply for loans and investments, if required.

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