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Talk about a friend or person who recently got success

○ Who was the person
○ When did he get success
○ How you felt
○ Why you think it is important

● We all strive to be successful in our endeavours
● It is a fantastic feeling when our efforts result in success
● Recently, my very successful friend Shruti sent me a thank you note.
● Knowing that I played an important part in her journey, filled me with pride
● Shruti’s grandmother is an excellent chef and ever since I have known Shruti, I have visited
her house every week to have her “Ammi ji ki chai” – a special tea with hand picked spices
● Last year, Shruti and I were discussing how much we enjoy her Grandmother’s tea.
● We knew that every tea lover would relish it but to be sure, we also wanted to do a small
● Hence we hosted a party for 100 people. We served 2 different teas at the party and asked
people to write how they felt about both the teas. Ammi ji ki chai was a huge hit!
● This led to the birth of the Brand “Ammi ji’s”
● While Shruti took care of the packing and sourcing, I held the responsibility of Marketing.
● We started taking orders through Facebook, and gradually expanded our online presence
to Instagram.
● People from across India can now place orders of “Ammi Ji’s” products on Amazon, Flipkart
and on their own website too.
● Today Shruti employs 10 people to take care of different aspects of her business.
● Her product portfolio has expanded to include pickle’s, Marmalade and chutneys. Ammi ji
herself oversees the quality and ensures that all ingredients used and the taste is authentic.
● Shruti’s success is an inspiration to all women across the nation, and her and Ammi Ji’s
journey has been published in various business magazines