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Talk about a historical building

– Which is the building
– Where it is
– How you know about the building
– Why you think it is important

• I belong to Phagwara, and there are many important buildings in Phagwara.
• There is an ancient Shiv Temple and Lord Hanuman Temple
• Then there is Haveli, which is in the Suburbs of Phagwara.
• Here, I would like to talk about a Sikh temple, which is dedicated to the 6th Guru of Sikhs, Guru
Hargobind Ji
• It is said that after fighting with the Mughals, Guru Hargobindji reached here and rested under a tree.
• People built a gurdwara there in the memory of his visit.
• It is a beautiful building with a huge hall in which the holy book of the Sikhs, Guru Granth Sahib is
• Hymns and chants can be heard every morning and evening.
• There is also a holy pond in which there are many fish.
• I could spot two catfish the last time I went there.
• People go to pay their obeisance to the almighty.
• I also go there once or twice a month.
• I get great peace when I go there.
• I love sitting by the pool side and watch the fish while listening to the soothing music coming from
• It has become a common place for solemnizing Sikh weddings.
• My cousin’s wedding also took place over there.
• There is a famous college near the gurdwara.
• This building is important because of its historical and religious significance.