Talk about a place where you spend time with your friends - Kohli Star Image School

Talk about a place where you spend time with your friends

  1. What is it
  2. Where is it
  3. Why do you go there
  4. What do you like about that place

• We all need some leisure time and there’s no better way to enjoy that time with friends.
• Whenever we plan to spend some leisure time, me and my friends like to go to Viva Collage Mall.
• We usually go there every week on weekends or fortnightly.
• The Mall is right by the National Highway and falls between Jalandhar and Phagwara.
• Since me and most of my friends are from Phagwara, it is just a 15 minute drive from our city to the
• One of my friends is from Jalandhar and it is convenient for him also to reach there within 10 to 15
• We choose to go there because the Mall has several facilities and options of recreation under one
• It has a multiplex which screens latest movies, it has a couple of restaurants too. Also, it has several
stores where we can shop from whenever we want to.
• Additionally, we like go there because even if we don’t want to spend on anything, we can roam
around and enjoy the crowd there just be sitting on benches in the mall.
• All this in an air conditioned environment and that too for free!
• What I like about this place is the ease of access for my friends, the option to watch movies or eat or
do shopping.
• Also, being students, we sometimes run out of money and in such times, we can still have our leisure
time in the Mall without spending on anything there.