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Talk about a prize you want to win

  1. What prize it is
  2. Why do you want to win

• Everyone loves prizes, winning them makes one happy.
• Prizes also motivate us to work hard and prove the fact that hard work is key to success.
• I have not won many prizes in my life but one prize I would like to get would be the first prize in
marathon race which is held every year in my city.
• The race is organized by Standard Chartered Bank.
• It is held to spread awareness about diseases like cancer and also to make people aware about the
benefits of healthy living.
• All the money collected from this race goes to a charity.
• The winner of the race gets a cheque of Rs 1 Lakh along with a trophy, medal and a certificate.
• The winner also gets a chance to represent the city in other marathon races held across the world.
• Every year almost ten thousand people from our city participate in this race.
• The race is held in the first week of November, normally the first Sunday.
• Last year one of my best friends won the second prize in the race.
• He finished the distance of 42 kms in approx. 3 hours.
• After seeing him get the second prize, I felt motivated to participate in the race.
• I am not a professional runner but since then I have started running.
• Nowadays I can run 30 kilometers in approx. 2.5 hours and I am working on improving my time.
• Hopefully I will be ready by November.
• Preparing for this race has made me healthy and I have also learnt a lot from running.
• If I do not win this year, I will keep trying until I win the prize.