Talk about a singer or musical band (favorite singer/musical band) you enjoy listening to

  1. Who is it?
  2. Why do you like listening to their music

• Music is the essence of life; without music everything is lifeless.
• There are many popular bands and musicians in my country such as Euphoria, Bombay Vikings, the
Agni band, and so on.
• But here I would like to talk about a very popular musician of my country; he is none other than
• He is a south Indian.
• He is in his 40’s.
• He is not very tall but looks very handsome.
• He has composed many songs which have become world famous.
• His song ‘Jai Ho’ from the movie ‘Slum dog Millionaire’ won the Golden Globe award.
• He first became popular from the music he composed for the movie ‘Roja’.
• His music is very heart touching.
• He usually plays the fusion music.
• It is the blend of the Indian classical and western classical.
• His music is a good example of globalization.
• No wonder, his music appeals to people of all countries. So he has a global audience.
• Even if a person doesn’t understand the lyrics, his music can make them dance.
• His music proves that music has no language.
• It unites people.
• Rehman is the founder of the Chennai-based rock group, “Nemesis Avenue”.
• He has mastered various music instruments like Keyboard, Piano, Synthesizer, Harmonium and Guitar.
• His curiosity in Synthesizer, in particular, increased because, he says, it is the “ideal combination of
music and technology
• I once saw an interview of A.R. Rehman on TV.
• He is a very down to earth person.
• Although he has achieved great heights, he is not at all proud.
• So I just love A.R. Rehman and his music.