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Talk about a sport you would like to try in the near future

When you get such a question, you might probably want to cover the following points. They are:

  • What water sport it is
  • Where will you find it
  • Is it adventurous, easy, or difficult?
  • Why are you eager to try it?

The points below are an example of how well you can cover the above question.

  • The sport I’ve always wanted to try in the near future is paragliding.
  • Though I’m a little scared of heights, I trust that the safety measures will help me not get hurt.
  • It’s an adventurous sport and is really exciting
  • There are a lot more adventurous games such as bungee jumping, parasailing, hang gliding, and kite surfing that I want to try but paragliding tops the list.
  • The first time I heard about paragliding was from one of my friends who had actually experienced it.
  • Some locations in India for paragliding are Nandi hills, Bir Billing, Manali, Kamshet, Gangtok, and Yelagiri.
  • Paragliding is a bit difficult because it’s adventurous and we have to learn a bit before trying it out.
  • We have people who would be there with us to support, and to make sure that we’re safe and for a possible safe landing.
  • In the Bir Billing region, paragliding is done in the months of October to June. Even the months of October to November or March to June are the best for long flights.
  • The launching and the landing are done with the wind. There are three different launching techniques and they are forward, reverse, and towed launch.
  • I want to try this sport because I’ve always wanted to do something that’s adventurous and also overcome my fear of heights.
  • That way I guess it’s a great sport at least once in a lifetime.


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