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Talk about a time when you gave advice to someone

  • What was it?
  • Whom you advised?
  • How you did it?

Well in my country people give free advice to each other all the time.
• People give advice even when nobody is asking.
• They do it to show care and help others.
• Today, I would like to talk about a time when I gave advice to one of my cousins about what studies
he should pursue for his senior secondary education.
• My cousin had recently completed his 10th standard and he was really confused about which stream
he should opt for.
• He had the option to choose between science, commerce and arts.
• His doubts were related to career prospects in these streams and most importantly he asked me that
which one is easy or difficult to pursue.
• Since he was tired of studies, he did not want to put a lot of effort but still he wanted to have a
successful life.
• Before advising him about the various streams I asked him about his interests and he told me that he
was interested in Computers.
• He started using computer at a very early age, so he is really good at it.
• I told him about Computer programmers who work for companies like google.
• I told him about the work they do and how much salary they earn.
• I also showed him the offices of google and the facilities like gym, food and other games that are
provided to the employees on campus.
• He got motivated after learning all these details and decided he also wanted to become a computer
• So, I suggested him to take an aptitude test to check whether he has a logical mindset to pursue the
science stream.
• He followed my advice and gave the aptitude test. His results showed that he had excellent skills to
become a programmer.
• He was really happy with my advice and now he consults me for all the important decisions he has to