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Things you usually do well (or do regularly) for your job or study

i. What are the things
ii. Where you do it
iii. When you do it

Or Describe something you do to help you study or work

○ What it is
○ How you learnt it
○ When you do it
○ How you feel about this method?

● We all make efforts to work or study well.
● I am a student and I also do certain things so that I can study well.
● One such thing is that I always study on my study table and chair and never on my bed.
● I have seen that when I study on my bed, I fall asleep very soon and all my plans of
studying till late night go unfulfilled.
● I can also concentrate better when I study on my study table.
● Secondly, I make it a point to switch off my cell phone when I have to study.
● Cell phone is very distracting and if open Whatsapp, then I start chatting with friends and
waste precious time
● Another thing I do is that I shut the door of my room so that my siblings don’t disturb me.
● Sometimes I play some music while studying.
● This kills the background noise
● I also make it a point that my bed is not cluttered and when I hit the bed, I can sleep
● I usually study at home, so I take all these steps at home.
● I study mostly in the evening for 3-4 hours every day.
● When I have to study seriously, such as near my exams, I take all these steps.
● By taking all these steps I can study better and also sleep better.