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IELTS stands for The International English language test. This is mainly designated to check your pedagogical skills in English. The four pedagogical skills are as follows

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading and
  • Writing

These skills are commonly integrated with a language development skill. This test will assess your eligibility in these four genres if you need to migrate abroad for Educational or Career purposes.

The countries include Canada, New Zealand, Australia, UK and USA.

There are certain specifications and strategies for each skills followed  by specific sub skills under consideration. Putting into account on each, your common assessment is recorded.



Make sure you plan well before writing. Be very clear about the content you are going to elucidate. Have a mind map to construct good ideas. Concern about how you are organizing your thoughts with good words. A rough draft of plot will help you to stay in flow throughout the writing. Build your mind will words you will use to construct the lines. Nevertheless, your words will have good impact on the entire description.


Let your mind be focused on the sequence of the content. Be very conscious about the flow like which will follow which content. Make a clear agenda of potraying your words. Be incredibly resilient in constructing your perspective with words. Organising will be perfect when planning is at point. Make sure your are on track with the mindmap you already placed. Have a list of Keywords that will help you to be in flow and construct sequential sentences. Your Keywords must be thought provoking. So that you can ride on a consistent flow of integrated words and thoughts.


It is notable to begin with an interesting introduction to your content which spotlessly speak about your entire essence. The topic may be about anything you choose but make sure you are clear and confident over it. Your introduction should speak about all the innards and stuffs. Be concerned in giving clear view of nook and corners. It can be as a programic agenda that brings a beautiful acquiring knowledge about the proceeding words. Detailed representation of your writing must be focused to make it a better stuff.


Look into the kind of phrases you use than words. Using phrases will polish your content rather giving point to point crumbs.  Use interesting phrases that grab the readers attention. Choose phrases that are more specific and coherent.  But also make sure whether you use correct phrase to define your view. Many times, a simple change in phrase can give entirely different meaning that may deviate your opinion.


Prominent focus should be given on Time management. Derive correct time for each topic you are presenting. Let the first topic not deduct time of the proceeding or the ending. It is even fine if your prologue is direct and contented. Give focus on the body and conclusion as that will be put on lights.  Don’t be lethargic in the beginning and run at the end. Beginning and ending  should be given equal priority to make your topic meaningful and evident.


Your words or phrases can directly point out to your opinion rather beating the bush. Extensive writing can extend your topic but can distract your perspective. So make sure you are never out of your topic while giving bigger descriptions. Your point must be eminent and clear to the topic. It should neither be abrupt nor extensive. Don’t spin the spindle, just be on track that gives relevant and notable points


It is important to focus on Grammar too. Of course you are not going to give major contribution for Grammar as you do in speaking. But needed concern is to be shown to avoid complexities. Let the tenses and voices be in a proper pattern. Your sentence must follow the common grammatical norms. Sentence structure act as your basic assessment in writing followed by the way of construction.


Heterographic errors should be concerned. Most common errors are to be noted. You can either use British or American but stick to a particular version. Punctuations and misspellings may give a bad impact. So put a mere focus over them to avoid crises. Punctuations can of course change the meaning and point of idea exposed. Basics build your ability. These two are the classic evident of language especially the written kind.


Make sure all the information you are prevailing are relevant and functional. Writing a massive description may take you to various compartments, but be aware of bringing the perfect point of perspective. It is greater to give simple and neat elucidation than a wrong one. While choosing your usage of words and topic you can also check the Key words you use.


Epilogue must be comprehensive. It is fine to skip the middle content to give a proper epilogue to your content. Because prologue, body and epilogue should weigh equally. Give a perfect ridden conclusion for the description that makes it complete. You conclusion must be the end rather than searching for additional extent or flow. It can also be simple, short but complete.


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