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Tips to Improve Scores in Writing Test

A lot of people out there face challenges when it comes to writing tests and might not be sure of how to score the required band score that you might need. However, the good news is that careful preparation will help you a long way in scoring the required band score and help you clear IELTS writing. Below are a few tips that can help you in getting prepared for writing tests.

Some tips to excel are:

Carefully read the questions. It’s common to rush while reading the questions trying to save time but do not do that. Take time to read the question and then answer. Part one tasks are usually about to summarize, select, and make comparisons. So when you come across these words, make sure to keep that in mind. Go through your answers once you complete it and make sure you’ve answered all the questions that they’ve asked.

Include “Overview” in part one. In part one of the test, you’ll usually be required to summarize the information and this overview is really important. You can either include it in the end or in the beginning.

Part two essay? Keep it simple. Some of you believe that long sentences and complicated vocabulary will help you score more but honestly, that’s not about it. Make sure to keep it simple and easily understandable. You have to concentrate on grammar and then vocabulary to easily express your ideas on paper.

Be realistic. It takes effort and time to excel in any language and if you’ve not scored the expected band score in your first attempt, it’s advisable to try the test after some time because it’s likely to score the same band score if you try it again without practice and learning. You can take a practice test with a small fee to get detailed feedback which will be marked by an official IELTS examiner.

Effective time plan. You’ll be writing more words in part two than in part one. Hence it’s important that you plan accordingly and spend time for the second half as two-thirds of your mark is given for part 2.


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