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Tips to Kill IELTS Listening Test

You want to score high in the listening test but you’re unable to score or get through? Don’t worry. Effort and hard work definitely pay off. Never doubt yourself, learn, and practice you’ll definitely find your way to success and the same applies here. You might feel confident about attending the other tests but might be a bit doubtful about the listening tests. If so you needn’t worry too much about it because anything is possible when you work hard on getting it. So here are a few tips that help you score more in your listening test.

Few steps that can help you score well in your listening test

You listen only once. We all have that habit of asking to repeat if we don’t get the context the first time, but here there’s no room for “I’m sorry could you please repeat it for me”. So, all you have to work on is to concentrate and to practice listening just once to get the context right. Listen and practice different types of listening situations.

Listen to what you love. If you would really want to enjoy your practice sessions, then you would want to choose podcasts with audios that interest you. Do you like badminton or roman history? No second thoughts if you want to benefit from your listening practice.

Think in English. Don’t think in your language and then try to translate it to English as it eats up a lot of time. So during the listening test, you’ll not have enough time to translate so start thinking in English once you start practicing.

Get real. Make sure to learn a language not just for the sake of tests but also to master it well. So get real in life and start chatting, texting, speaking in English.

Be precise and check it twice. There’s no room for silly mistakes at all. This is because even a minute mistake can score you low so make sure to be precise and check your answer twice.

Check for audio scripts. When you choose audio for practicing, try getting audio with scripts. These scripts will have word-by-word written texts of the audio you’re listening to which can greatly help your listening practice. It can help you check your accuracy. You can take notes and compare them with the script to find your mistakes. Follow the text as you listen as it can help you in pronunciation and understanding keywords.

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