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Understand The Role Of Communication In Visa Approval

Facts show that every year around 8000 Indian students fly overseas for higher education. We suppose you are one of those lucky students to get admission in foreign institutes. So, congratulations to you on this achievement. The very next step towards your dreams will be to secure an authentic visa. And for this, you have to qualify a specific interview. The interview is taken by the embassy of the European nations. In this article, we will throw light on the required communication skills to ace this VISA interview.

The real motive behind conducting the interview

During this brief meeting, the diplomats from Schengen countries are there to ask you questions regarding various perspective. They want to know if you are honestly applying visa for study purposes. They will check your reasons and situations to go abroad. The embassy wants to make sure that you will not outstay your passport. And you will return to home country after a fixed period of time.

What are the questions asked?

Once you sit before the interviewer, you need to answer questions regarding the accuracy of the information provided in the visa application. You will also be interrogated about personal relations and family status. You will be asked about your spouse, children and other family members. Questions might be thrown about your financial ability, bank statement and employment status. They will need a confirmation that you are travelling to get better education. They even ask if you have any links with terrorists or criminals for security reasons. You will be questioned about your educational qualification and if you can meet the expenditures overseas.

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Why should you have decent communication skills for this interview ?

Well, your aim in this interview is to convince the interviewer that you have justifiable reasons to study abroad. And without good communication skills, this task seems impossible. Each day, the interviewers have to examine many people. Only good communicators are able to catch their attention in such a rush. Additionally, the diplomats will be gauging your communication skills to know if you can socialise in an English speaking country. Hence, for all the above reasons you must have an impeccable hold over spoken English. You have to be a fluent and confident speaker to win a favourable impression. Lack of sufficient communication skills can drag you to the gate of rejection.

How to get a grip on communication skills?

The process to master spoken English is not as difficult as we think. English is a language and can be learnt with consistent practice. You have to work smarter, not hard. Here we are giving some proven tricks to enhance communication skills:

  • Work on your body language. It is scientifically proven that we humans make deeper impact through non-verbal communication. Proper body posture and hand movement during questionnaire highlights your confidence before the interviewer.
  • Take a spoken English course-

It is highly advisable to enrol in a course on communication skills, if you want to stay ahead of your competitors. These courses are designed to guide you to effective speech. Here you can easily learn common phrases, words, accent to aid your speaking. The trainers will spot out your weak areas and correct them regularly. Believe us it is multiple times easier to learn the skill with a mentor than hustling on own.

  • Read several books and enrich your vocabulary. Try framing your thoughts in the English language. Improve your talking style by talking with yourself in mind.

We expect that you have understood the need to sharpen communication skills before appearing in the interview. So, believe in yourself and start preparing. You should leave no stone unturned to fulfil your dream of studying in foreign.

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