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Useful collocation to practice : Danger

 1         Verb + danger

Use the correct form of these verbs:

expose to         flirt with                      pass

face                 realise                            reduce

  1. Unfortunately, the swimmers didn’t ______________ the danger they were in until it was too late.
  2. During the first GulfWar, it was thought soldiers would be ____________ considerable danger through the use of chemical weapons.
  3. Make sure you use plenty of sun cream to______________ the danger of skin cancer.
  4. My brother is a real dare-devil. He loves to ______________ danger. He’s always taking risks.
  5. The minute I saw the snake, I stood perfectly still until the danger had ______________ .
  6. Children crossing this road ______________ constant danger from lorries and other heavy traffic.

2          Common adjective collocations

Match the two halves below:

  1. As lots of people are unaware of the hidden dangers in their homes,
  2. Leave immediately. You are in great danger.
  3. Fire is an ever-present danger in this region.
  4. Some kind of sixth sense seemed to warn me of impending danger.
  5. The doctors say that she is out of immediate danger, but

a          If I hadn’t looked up, I would have been hit and probably killed by a falling stone.

b          So, don’t light camp fires in the forest

c          she’s still critically ill. She’s still on the danger list.

d          I think someone is about to try to kill you.

e          the government has issued a leaflet, explaining how to safeguard against these unseen dangers.

3          Danger + of / to

Complete the following with ‘of ’ or ‘to’:

  1. The judge described him as a danger ______________ society and sent him to prison for life.
  2. Children need to be educated about the dangers ______________ drug-taking.
  3. A police spokesman said that there was no danger ______________ the public at any time.
  4. Many people continue to ignore warnings about the dangers ______________ driving too fast.

 4         Expressions with of

Complete the sentences below with the following, then underline the complete chunk in each sentence.

aware              element                face

possibility        reminder         whiff

  1. The couple fell to their deaths on Mont Blanc. The accident was a salutary ___________ of the dangers of mountain-climbing.
  2. As the tanks arrived, there was a ______________ of danger in the air. The crowd sensed it and became very tense.
  3. Hang-gliding is not a sport to be taken lightly. You have to understand that there is an ______________ of danger involved in it.
  4. My grandfather was awarded a medal in the First World War for showing great courage in the ______________ of great danger.
  5. First, can I make sure that you are all fully ______________ of the dangers of sailing in this part of the world.
  6. Afghanistan is still a dangerous place. You must be alert to the ______________ of danger when travelling alone in remote areas.

5          In danger of

Look at this example:

Some animals are in danger of becoming extinct.

Make sentences of your own on the topics below.

  1. The world’s rainforests – cut down
  2. The Leaning Tower of Pisa – fall down
  3. The Polar Ice Cap – melt
  4. Venice – flood


1.         If someone who has been very ill is now getting better, you can say that ‘they are now out of danger’.

2.         Notice this expression:

His reckless driving put the lives of the passengers in danger.



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