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Useful collocation to practice : Description

Key word: description

1          Verb + description

Use the correct form of these verbs:

contain            defy                 fit

give                  issue                write

  1. It had been a clear night. The girl saw her attacker clearly, so she was able to__________ the police and pretty accurate description of him.
  2. No words could describe the beauty of the scenery. It __________ description.
  3. Police have __________ a description of a man they wish to question in connection with a fatal accident in the city centre.
  4. A boy, __________ the description of the missing child, was seen walking along the riverbank just before midnight last night.
  5. __________ a short description of your home town.
  6. Tonight’s documentary on new medicines is not suitable for children as it __________ a shocking description of animals being used to test drugs.

2          Common adjective collocations

Complete the sentences with these adjectives:

opt                   brief                 detailed

vague              vivid                 accurate

  1. A member of the public has come forward with a full and __________ description of the men who robbed the post office. The police are now confident that they will catch the robbers.
  2. Her description of the scenery was so __________ that when I closed my eyes I could see snow- covered mountains clearly in my mind.
  3. ‘Like a fish out of water’ is an __________ description of how I felt at the party. I felt so awkward and uncomfortable.
  4. What can you say in 50 words? The __________ description on the back cover of the book is only intended to give you a quick idea of what the book is about.
  5. If the police asked you to give a description of someone you met 2 months ago, how __________ would it be?
  6. We only had a very __________ description of Thupten, but we had no trouble recognising him as soon as he appeared through customs.


1.         In 1-4‘matching’ is also possible.

2.         When you apply for a job, it is normal to be given a ‘job description’.

I refused to work on Sunday as there was no mention of working at weekends in my job description.

3.         Note the following expressions:

There were planes of every description at the air show. (of all kinds)

When the dentist hit the nerve in my tooth, the pain was beyond description.

He’s a great writer with remarkable powers of description.

4.         Three adjectives used to describe something in a very special and memorable way are: graphic, lurid, and vivid. For example:

There’s a lurid description in chapter 4 of the affair between the young girl and the priest.

Jo gave us a vivid description of her experiences travelling round India.

The description of what the murderer did to his victims was graphic in the extreme!

5.         A ‘general description’ provides the main ideas or facts. For example:

The internet guide only gives a general description of Bangkok. If you want more details, you’re better buying a proper guidebook.



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