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Our Visa consultant in Punjab offer a large array of services about the various aspects of the Visa process.

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Study Visa guidance counselor

Obtaining a study Visa is a critical juncture in the application process for studying abroad. There have been many cases whereby promising candidates had faltered at this very step in the absence of proper guidance. Our experts at the Visa consultant in Punjab understand the most important points to consider for the Visa application are the financial documents, the candidate statement, and a proper Visa interview. There is an increasing need for top-notch Visa counselors to guide these young students through this maze of the Visa procurement process. Kohli Star Image School has established the best immigration consultant in Punjab to enable the many budding students to realize their full potential.

Statement of Purpose evaluation

Your statement of purpose is your guide's window into your mindset and a peek into you as a person. A concise, but accurate candidate statement is essential to a successful Visa application. Similarly, a low-quality statement of Purpose can be the ultimate downfall of your application. Kohli’s Visa consultant in Punjab has thus, introduced the service of evaluating your statement of purpose before presenting your application before presenting it before the Visa official. The personnel at our Visa consultant in Punjab will offer unabashed advice on your statement, proposing points to improve it, and even guiding you step by step to sculpt the perfect application.

Finance evaluation

Our Visa consultant in Punjab knows that financial complications are one of the greatest hindrances to one obtaining a study Visa. The rules are often convoluted and bits of information are often overlooked and lost in between the lines. In many cases, institutions also ask the candidates to fill up their financial information, without the knowledge of what type of Visa they would be eligible to obtain. The finance evaluation part of our Canada visa agent in Punjab provides an expert to look at your finances, and suggest the proper organization of your assets to meet the Visa criteria for a successful application.

Real-time guidance

Our protocols in both our online and offline services at the Visa consultant in Punjab involve full support in real-time for all our candidates. We have a fully functioning helpline are a hardworking crew of employees, who are dedicated to assist and solve your every problem. Our personnel will be at hand to help you understand the intricacies of every problem, be it regarding financial, the Visa interview or any other aspect of the application. The real-time helpline at the Visa agent in Punjab is a proprietary service, for an establishment in the Visa application assistance business, and poses a major advantage for all candidates registered at our institute.

Visa interview counselor

Although the Visa interview is the penultimate step to obtaining a Visa, our experts at the Visa consultant in Punjab are of the opinion that it is the most important part of the Visa application process. Many applications get rejected at the final hurdle, due to improper conduct during the interview, or mismanagement of important documents. The Visa interview counsellor at our Visa consultant in Punjab is invested in teaching you the nuances of successful interviewees, keep your documents in order, and take you on a journey step-by-step to ensure that you would get the best result possible.

Post-Visa procurement counselor

Even though obtaining a Visa is quite a tedious task, the personnel at our Visa consultant in Punjab know that adapting to the changes in your life after moving to a new country is even more difficult. Fortunately, our Visa consultants in Punjab, don’t just end with you getting that dream Visa, but also extend well beyond it. We have personnel who are specialized to help you adapt to the various lifestyles all across the globe, such that you can focus on your dream job without much hassle.

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Our Visa Consultant in Punjab offers many different and essential Visa services.

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Study Visa consultation

One of the most essential reasons for obtaining a Visa nowadays is to go for any form of study abroad. Our experts at the Visa consultancy in Punjab know that the type of Visa you would be operating on is crucial to you completing that course abroad. Based on the length of the course, the type of visa you must apply for will vary massively, all of which are covered at the Visa consultant in Punjab. Whether you are a full-time student, a part-time student, a foreign exchange student, or an international refugee, the type and the duration of Visa will be widely different. Thus our immigration consultant in Punjab works on solving these problems which are quite prevalent in the modern world.


Tourist Visa Consultation

Tourism is undoubtedly one of the largest industries at current. As per the logistics department at the Visa consultant in Punjab, the general income of most people and the average standards of living mean that they could indulge in one of more trips to a foreign country in their lifetime. A Visa is mandatory even for this purpose, and the procedure for applying for this is very different from other Visas. Our Visa consultant in Punjab works alongside most Visa procurement agencies and has experienced personnel on the board who are familiar with the workings of the embassies of different countries. The experience and advice from the experts at our Visa consultant in Punjab are invaluable to smoothening out the entire process and ensure that you get your tourist Visa within the stipulated time.


Professional Visa Consultation

The third type of Visa that is highly requested at the Visa consultant in Punjab is professional Visa. Many young and experienced professionals are flocking to foreign shores in search of better employment opportunities with better wages and long-term prospects. As per the experts at our Visa consultant in Punjab, this doesn’t fall under the jurisdiction of study or tour Visas, as this includes many more facets such as long-term residency, international taxation, and management of assets and liabilities. Thus, there is an increasing need for personnel who are experienced with the process of obtaining Professional Visas. Our Visa agent in Punjab consists of a department dedicated to serving consumers looking to get a professional Visa for their employment opportunity.


Immigration Training

The immigration procedure doesn’t end at obtaining a Visa but extends well beyond that point. As per the experts at the Visa Consultant in Punjab, one of the biggest problems faced by aspirants wishing to go abroad is the financial metrics. Fiscal matters itself are a very difficult concept to grasp, and often dedicated officials in the banking sector are required for achieving transparency on the matter. Similarly, habitation in a second country is also a matter quite often raised at our Visa Consultant in Punjab. Adapting to different cultures, climates and secondary homes, in general, is quite a daunting task. In light of this matter, we at Kohli’s Visa Consultant in Punjab have appointed experienced officials to take care of these matters on behalf of the candidates, to facilitate a smoother procedure.

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  • About the founder

Our founder has been associated with the Visa service industry for about ten years to date, before establishing the Visa consultant in Punjab. She has had an education in International relations throughout her degree studies and has been employed by the Canadian embassy up to a high level. She had been heavily involved in scrutinizing candidates at the Visa consultant in Punjab, during their Visa interview, and in assessing their applications post-processing as well. Her years of experience have been invaluable in our recruitment and training process, of which she has been an integral part. She has been a core member of the committee at the Visa Consultant in Punjab which has been responsible for recruiting new personnel, and also actively takes part in solving various problems of the consumer. Although our founder’s job is quite vestigial at current, she finds the time to regularly check on the status of every individual, and offer them nuggets of advice, which are sure to prepare them better for the Visa interview. In spite of being busy with the official side of the Visa consultant in Punjab, our founder also makes a huge contribution to the mock tests and interviews we conduct monthly. Her invaluable experience and patented rigorous training methods implemented at the Visa Consultant in Punjab ensure that you will pass the Visa interview process with flying colors and will be able to obtain the Visa without great hassle.

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I am an Indian national, currently residing in Canada and pursuing a law degree there. I emigrated from India about four years ago after completing my secondary education there. I was pretty clueless about the Visa procurement process at the time of my admission into college. Kohli’s immigration consultant in Punjab helped me out massively during this period. I was initially hesitant about approaching an establishment for my Visa requirements, but the efficiency and utilities provided by the institute won me over. The people at the Visa consultant in Punjab were able to make the various aspects of the Visa application much less complicated, and I was able to get started on preparing for my new life in no time. Their services have proved that they are the best Visa consultants in Punjab.
Mahendra Saini
As a businesswoman, I had always looked forward to extending my business to new frontiers and the Canada market was a sector I was keen to make a mark upon. My dreams were coming close to realization when I was able to convince a large-scale manufacturer and distributors situated in Ontario. However, a big stumbling block was the Visa appropriation procedure, which seemed to be quite complicated for a layman like me. Kohli’s Visa consultant in Punjab has the best immigration consultants in Punjab for Canada and they became a savior for me in my tough times. Their world-class service and exceptionally friendly personnel were dedicated to my cause at every moment of my consultation. Thanks to Kohli’s Visa consultant in Punjab, I have been able to get a strong foothold of the international market and will recommend them to anybody suffering from troubles with their Visa documentation.
Heena Khan
I have been a teaching faculty at a school in Arizona for about ten years. I am a native of the state of Punjab in India and have completed my post-secondary studies from the State University there itself. I was given the dream opportunity to join a state-run school in Arizona, after completing my graduation. Coming from a very humble background, this posed both as a dream opportunity and also as a great hassle, because of the various facets of immigration. Thankfully, my worries were ended when I contacted Kohli’s Visa consultant in Punjab. The personnel at the Visa consultant in Punjab conducted a thorough check on my case and were able to advise me on the perfect solution to my scenario. Soon enough, I got full clearance and was on the plane to Arizona, Texas. I shall be forever grateful to Kohli’s Visa consultant in Moga for giving me this fabulous opportunity.
Nitisha Pareek
I had arranged to go on a tour of Canada, with a few of my friends and family members. The arrangements were going pretty smoothly with the itinerary being prepared covering all important spots, and even the accommodation was confirmed and well. However, I didn’t expect to come across unnecessary complications in the Visa procedure. Unfortunately, due to such a large group of people, the Visa application was very convoluted. Fortunately, Kohli’s Visa consultant in Punjab was at hand to be my savior. The tour Visa department at Kohli’s Visa consultant in Punjab was excellent in resolving my issues and in making sure I had a safe and wonderful foreign tour ahead of me. They are certainly the best immigration consultant in Punjab, I highly recommend them to anyone looking to go abroad for any purpose.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The time taken for the Visa issuance varies according to the type of Visa for your purpose. At our Visa consultant in Punjab, it usually takes about three to five weeks for fully processing your Visa request, and another two to three days for the official document to be delivered to your correspondence address. In many cases, the Visa procedure can be complicated due to the requirement of extra documentation or other special cases with regards to immigration. This information is often lost in fine printing, or the criteria are often misunderstood. Our study Visa consultants in Punjab is dedicated to understanding the different problems of your Visa application and resolving them within a stipulated period. Therefore, we at Visa consultant in Punjab, ensure that will not be delayed in your endeavors abroad.

Our Visa consultant in Punjab outlines the following salient steps. The first step required for a Visa is a properly filled out form. Based on the purpose of your journey abroad, you would need to fill out different forms. Whether you are a prospective student looking to go abroad, a tourist, or an employee who is being outsourced, a different set of forms have to be filled up in the first step of the Visa application. Once you have figured out which of the forms you are eligible to fill out, our Visa consultant in Punjab will help you fill out all the details. You are also required to get your finances in order and pay the Visa fees. This enables you to move to the next steps of booking an appointment for registering your fingerprint and photograph with the consulate. Finally, attend the consular interview and wait for your Visa confirmation or rejection. All of these steps may seem very overwhelming and difficult to handle within a time constraint. The employees at our Visa consultant in Punjab are well-equipped to handle this load and help you at every step of the way.

A major checklist provided by our Visa consultant in Punjab is an itinerary of the necessary documents. The first document you would require before applying for a Visa is, undoubtedly, a valid national passport. Obtaining this document is even more paramount for going abroad and you’ll need to show it even before entering an international airport. Therefore, you will need to apply for a passport well in advance of your departure date, or Visa application date such that you can reach the point of application review with all the appropriate documentation. The second document you would need is your financial documentation. This information is often quite convoluted, but our Visa consultant in Punjab is always at hand to help you out. Often certain immigration regulations need you to verify your financial status, often showing that you have enough reserve in your account to last at least one academic year. Therefore you would need to have your finances in order before starting your Visa application. Finally, you would need some form of proof of nationality and residence before appearing for the interview in person. The Visa consultant in Punjab are dedicated towards ensuring all these documents are in order before the interview.  

Visa applications are not always accepted by the embassies and consulates of different countries. This can be due to several reasons, be it due to the fault of the applicant or due to international restrictions. In many cases, these problems cannot be anticipated, and people may be confused as to why their Visa was rejected. Often the cause of the rejection is stated in such a cryptic manner, it is difficult to make much sense of it without professional help from organizations such as our Visa consultant in Punjab. International relations are often strained and border restrictions may be imposed in such a time when international relations between countries are highly strained. Problems arising due to these reasons cannot be dealt with individually, in the absence of proper supervision. Our experts at the Visa agent in Punjab are always following up on you to advise you about any forthcoming difficulties that may arise due to such problems. They are also invested to ensure that no problems arise from your side due to financial documentation or any other possible issue.

Children can be only defined as co-dependents when they are under 21 years of age. In such a case, co-dependents information can be included in the Visa application and separate Visas applications will not be required for its issuance. Elderly parents can also be included in the same bracket if you would be considered the sole breadwinner of your family. There are also a few other rules and regulations regarding these rulings, and the people at our Visa consultant in Punjab make it a priority to keep up to date with these. Therefore, you need to be properly versed with all of these major points such that you won’t get errors during application processing. The officials at our Canada study Visa consultants in Punjab make it a point to keep up to date with these rules and changes so that they guide you through this maze of Visa application encountering the least amount of problems in the way. This is one of the major changes we have introduced to make the procedure as fool-proof as possible.

Work Visas are significantly more complicated than most other types of Visas due to matters regarding permanent international residency and taxation interests. Naturally, there are few extra precautions required to be taken while applying for a Work Visa. One of these precautions our experts at the Visa consultant in Punjab adhere to is to instruct the consumer to contact the respective embassy before the final application and obtain specific documents regarding company policies. Also, the required form to be filled out is only released from the embassy under special requests. The process for the release of this form is quite cumbersome and lengthy, and this needs to be initiated well in advance of the in-person interview and verification date. With a view to the many complications that may arise, the personnel handling the work Visa department at our Visa consultant in Punjab takes extra care to provide for this documentation such that you will be able to attend your new place of employment without too long of a break.

Our Visa consultant in Punjab have seen many complicated cases of international tours. In most cases, international tours are carried out in batches as part of a tour program the biggest problem encountered in this process is encountered due to batch booking of Visa application. Not only is the time taken much higher, but particular problems may arise due to the statuses of different people involved in the tour. Secondly, since you will not be taking permanent residence in the country you are visiting, you will need to present proof of accommodation and lodging before the consular panel to be considered for the application. This can be a stumbling block if you are going as part of a field trip or an adventure getaway, whereby you would be staying in makeshift shelters as you travel.  Thirdly, the travel agent that you would be making a booking under also needs to have an international repute. This would certainly increase your chances of obtaining the tour Visa successfully. Keeping all these aspects in mind, Kohli’s Visa consultant in Punjab has dedicated a department towards the tour Visa application procedure. They consist of a plethora of experts who are well versed with the workings of the embassies, and they will be on hand at all times to give you timely assistance in your tour Visa application.

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