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Vocabulary for the Introduction Part : Task 1

Starting                                    Presentation Type                                    Verb                               Description

The given / The                      diagram / table / figure /                  shows / represents /                  the comparison of ….

supplied / The                       illustration / graph /                            depicts / illustrates /                 the differences ….

presented / The                  figure / chart / flow chart                      presents/ gives /                         the number of ….

shown /                              / picture/ presentation/                        provides / describes /                  information on ….

The provided            pie chart/bar graph/ line                      compares/ shows /                                 data on ….

graph / table data/ data /             figures / gives data on /                                the proportion of….

information                                        gives information on/                          the amount of ….

presents information                            information on….

about/ shows data about

Example :
1. The provided diagram shows data on employment categories in energy-producing sectors in Europe starting from 1925 to 1985.
2. The given pie charts represent the proportion of male and female employee in 6 broad categories, divided into manual and non-manual occupations.
3. The chart gives information on expenditures of 4 European countries on six consumer products namely Germany, Italy, Britain and France.

Vocabulary for the General trends Part: In general, In common, As is presented, Generally speaking, As is observed. Example:
1. In general, the employment opportunity has increased till 1970 and has dropped down afterwards.
2. As is observed, the figures for imprisonment in the five mentioned countries show no overall pattern of increase or decrease rather shows the considerable fluctuation from country to country.
3. Generally speaking, the USA had far more standard life than all the other 4 mentioned countries.


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