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Why Canada is a great place to Work and Study

Opting for education in a foreign land can open the door to better career prospects in future. Modern day companies are preferring candidates who already have an international exposure. They are offering jobs to the people who are adaptable to a challenging environment. So, why to limit yourself within the boundaries of your native universities? Lay a great foundation of your dream career by flying overseas and learning there. The next question arises about where to go? Which country offers the best facilities in terms of education, jobs, living etc.? In this article, we will cover about how Canada might be the perfect destination to give wings to your study plans.

Education In Canada

The top criteria to choose between different countries will obviously be the quality of education system. Canada is well advanced in this aspect. The country offers degrees which are globally recognised as the finest. The nation is renowned to provide word class learning in every facet of education. Canada’s education system comprises of elementary schooling from kindergarten to grade 8. Then the pupils are taught in secondary schools surrounded by a stimulating atmosphere. From an early stage, they are exposed to a variety of vocational skills to shape their career. Additionally, Canada has language schools to acquaint learners with French and English. There are separate colleges and vocational schools for higher education. Top-notch universities like the University of Toronto, McGill University are always open to take in worthy international students for masters and doctorate degrees. You can even take a professional certification, diploma in any field and start working. Canada is also a leading country to deliver distance learning lessons, so that one can learn comfortably from home. You can get an opportunity to study in Canada through the exchange programmes.

Welcoming people

Canadians are by far the most friendly and welcoming in nature. For ages, they have fostered brotherhood with migrants of different countries. They respect every religion and love to spread peace. Canadian culture favours diversity and hospitality. So, you can be assured of complete safety and security in Canada. You will be meeting new friends and absorbing their vivid culture to your own freedom.

Why Canada is a great place to Work and Study

Quality of life

Canada ranks top one in terms of quality of living. It consists of some of the nicest student hamlets in the world. In 2018 and 2019, Canada became the third-best, country worldwide. The country features universal healthcare facilities resulting in better health and higher life expectancy of the inhabitants. Violence and criminal activities are very less making it a protective area to thrive in. According to WHO, Canada maintains a decent air and water quality resulting in less pollution and environmental degradation. The country also boasts 99% literacy rate with very few smokers and obese people.

Promising job prospects

Canadian institutes train the students in a career-oriented fashion. As a result, the alumni become successful in seizing higher positions at the workplace. Canada itself holds the record of generating 1.6 fresh jobs for it’s passed out graduates. The International students are also allowed to pursue part-time jobs along with study. After completing higher studies in Canada, one can even opt for permanent residency and work in the country. The nation has made searching jobs easier through it’s online portal JOB BANK. The Canadian government enforces strict laws to protect the employees.

Cost effective budget

You will be amazed that Canada charges the lowest tuition fees when compared to other foreign nations. There are a wide range of options to suit your budget. The cost for living here is also affordable.

Apart from these outstanding amenities, Canada possesses a desirable climate to thrive in. The vibrant nature attracts visitors to immerse in tranquillity.

At the end, we will sincerely recommend to consider Canada to get best educational opportunities.

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