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Why IELTS Is Important?

A significant number of students in India dream to get higher education from an international university. Many people want to seek better job opportunities by flying overseas. But most of these foreign countries have set standards to assess your English proficiency before granting a visa. This is where the role of IELTS comes into play. Especially, if you want to shift into UK by immigration, having a decent IELTS score is mandatory.

IELTS- International English Language System

Before you settle down in any English speaking country, their government will check if you got sufficient language skills to survive at that place. A number of tests are conducted worldwide to measure your competency in the English language. IELTS is one of the most popular exam, the scores of which are acknowledged by all the top institutes and governments. It was first developed in 1980. British Council, IELTS Australia and Cambridge Assessment English jointly regulate the conduction of this exam. More than 3 million people appeared in this test in 2019 which shows it’s tremendous popularity and acceptance. For easy accessibility, there are about 1,200 test centres in 140 countries.

Canada Ielts Training In Punjab Moga

 Testing Pattern of IELTS

As mentioned earlier, IELTS gauges the person’s aptness in English.

  • It is a standardized examination. Candidates can choose between online and offline mode.
  • The test comprises of speaking, listening, reading and writing assessments.
  • Two types of IELTS are conducted. “Academic” and “General training”.
  • The stipulated time for the exam is 2 hrs and 55 minutes.
  • Eligibility Criteria- There is no such bar in appearing IELTS. Anyone who wishes to study or work in English countries can sit in the test for approval of skills.
  • of attempts- IELTS allows the candidate maximum 4 attempts per month and 48 attempts per annum to improve the scores.
  • Fees – Varies from place to place. In India, you will have to pay INR 13000 to 18500 for registration.
  • Marking Scheme- On the basis of your performance, the examiner awards you grades from 0 to 9 with 0.5 band additions. If you don’t take the test, you get a zero. There is no pass-fail system.
  • The validity of scores- Universities will consider the marks if test was completed in last 2 years. Otherwise they may reject the your application.

Now let us dive down into what exactly you will be asked in the exam! So that you can match your preparation level accordingly.

If you want to board a plane for higher studies from top-notch universities, or practise as a medical professional  then Kohli Star Image School is for you. If you want to work overseas, settle down with your family, teach in a foreign school or train people there, then you have to sit for IELTS- General Training.

Listening and speaking assessments are same for both while the pattern of reading and writing segments differ.

  1. Listening test-

Listening Test For Ielts Training PunjabThe test takes just forty minutes for completion. 10 minutes are allotted to transfer responses to answer sheets. There are 4 sections to the module.

Audio is played in each section to determine the candidate’s familiarity with English accent. The paper contains questions related to the audio played and the candidate has to answer all of them with proper punctuation and grammar. The handwriting also needs to be neat enough so that the examiners will not face complication.

And here is the theme of audio to be played –

Section 1- a dialogue between two people regarding a social situation.

Section 2- A person giving a speech about a local issue.

Section 3- A short conversation between two university pupils.

Section 4- A person explaining about a subject related to academics.

  1. Reading test

In this test, you will be provided with paragraphs and texts or poems from magazines or books. Those writings are of maximum 3,000 words. In a time span of 60 minutes you will have to answer several questions based upon the information given.

  1. Writing test

In this segment, you are supposed to write down a certain quantity of words within a stipulated amount of time. You have to decipher bar graphs, write an essay, describe your views and write a letter; all in full sentences to pass the exam. Duration of the test is 60 minutes.

  1. Speaking test

Here your speaking ability is evaluated through one to one interview with the examiner. In first part you have to give your introduction.

In the 2nd section, you will be given a topic to speak about. You are lent few minutes to prepare mentally and start off.

The 3rd section focusses on your ability to speak fluently in a group discussion. The whole test finishes in 11 to 14 minutes.

Benefits and opportunities

IELTS gives the aspirants ratings from 0 to 9 – which means proved certification as competent users. The marks secured in IELTS opens up the doorway to career opportunities in developed countries Like Canada,USA, Astralia.

Attempting this exam filters your weak areas and offers a chance to develop your English skills.Canada Ielts Training In Punjab Moga

Things to keep in mind while preparing for IELTS

  • Make a study plan and stick to it.
  • Be an avid reader of English journals, magazines, newspapers.
  • Go through the free resources provided by the British Council.
  • Practice previous year papers by attending some coaching institute.
  • Watch BBC news to improve listening skills.
  • Keep practising you can make it!

We hope this article was able to solve most of your queries regarding the grand exam to earn entry tickets into English lands- IELTS.