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Why is vocabulary important in every language?

Language and communication becomes fun and fascinating when you start playing with words. The usage of different words can elevate your command over the language. This is exactly why vocabulary plays a vital role in mastering a language. Improving vocabulary is not just about knowing or learning new words but it depends on how well and how accurately you wordplay to convey your mind to your listeners and readers.

Improving your vocabulary is not tedious at all. All you have to do is just try or stick to some easy go tips mentioned below.

Reading various books or articles from various sources can help you learn new words and even the context on how it is used.

Usage of newly learnt words. Try using the new words while you communicate or write. This can help you to remember those words and where exactly they can be used to give you the right meaning.

Play word games. Why can’t we make learning fun? Vocabulary can be fun when you start learning or experiment them through games such as word puzzles, crosswords or scrabble.

A small effort on being determined? Sounds tough? Actually it isn’t. Why not intent to learn a new word every day? Just a matter of 5 minutes every day and there you go learning at least 7 words by the end of the week.

Work up to the root words. Researching or digging up a bit about the history of that language can help you remember and understand words better.

These simple steps with a strong urge to learn not only to gain knowledge but also will help you enhance communication and have a command over that language.

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