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Your essential moving to Canada checklist | Moving to Canada

Canada is one of the popular study destinations for students across the globe. The cutting edge education facilities at an affordable budget attracts the learning geeks. An international student in Canada also gets to explore their culture and natural treasures. So, if you have chosen Canada for your further sides, then be excited as many lucrative opportunities are awaiting you. To make your stay comfortable at this hospitable country, you need to keep check of a list of things. Knowing some information about the unknown place will be helpful to you. In this article we will shed light on certain important aspects of studying in Canada; like what should you pack and what are the prerequisites. So, keep on reading!

  • Prepare a checklist of these important documents and get photocopies of all-
  1. Letter of acceptance from your Canadian university- This is a letter you usually get in the email from your applied university. The document shows that you are eligible to get admitted into that institution. So, never forget to print this letter. It is required while applying for a study permit. A study permit is different from the visa. Without it, you are not permitted to study in Canada.
  2. Visa and passport- Of course, you can’t travel without these government ids. But make sure that your passport is valid for the next six months at least. It is a requirement for the study permit. If the expiry date is near, apply for renewal earlier. So, that you don’t have to rush at the last moment.
  3. Financial documents – To study in Canada, you have to prove your monetary sustainability. Otherwise, you will not be granted a visa. So, it is recommended to generate a GIC or Guaranteed Income Certificate to quicken the approval. You even need to have your bank statement, scholarship documents, Proof of bank account in Canada and study loan details.
  4. Your study permit.
  5. Report of your full medical check-up, prescriptions of the medicines you are taking.
  6. Get yourself a travel insurance and health insurance to cover any accident, injury and medical expenditure.
  • Plan your accommodation beforehand-

Generally, you have two options to stay in Canada. Either you can live inside the university campus, or accommodate a rented house. Living in a house will make you feel at home. The costs will be somewhat less in the rental system but a campus residency will be nearer to college.

  • Learn the local language- Language is a powerful medium to build a network in a foreign place. Canada is a bilingual nation. French and English are spoken majorly. While at home, you should hone your verbal English so that you will face no difficulty to socialize in Canada.
  • Part-time jobs- You will be glad to know that the Canadian government permits the students to pursue part-time jobs with studying. So, you can earn nice pocket money by working part-time, which is never a bad idea.
  • The packing essentials-
  1. Keep enough cash with you for emergency requirements during the journey. It will take a while to open a bank account and locate the nearest ATM in Canada. So, make sure you have nearly $100 in your pocket.
  2. Electronic gadgets- You should bring your laptop and smartphone to Canada. As they come handy for studying and note taking purpose. Make sure that the gadgets are in good condition.
  3. Warm winter clothing-

Canada features a cold climate. The temperature in winter season normally stays below zero. To make yourself comfortable, pack lots of winter garments, hat gloves, jackets and a scarf.

  1. You should never forget to pack many other important things like medicines, spectacles, toiletries and books. Have a printed copy of all emergency contact numbers with you.
  • Have a positive mind-set

It is normal to get nervous while flying overseas and stay there. But no need to worry as the Canadians are the friendliest people out there. You will make many friends with the passage of time.

So, we hope you have noted all the points carefully. We wish you a happy stay in Canada!

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